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St. Bede's Episcopal Church St Petersburg, FL 33704

“Be still and feel the presence of God.”

W elcome to St. Bede's Episcopal Church, Saint Petersburg, Florida. We are part of the Episcopal Diocese of Southwest Florida and located in the northwest part of downtown St. Petersburg. For over sixty years, the Episcopal Church of St. Bede has been home to those who find comfort and spiritual guidance in the traditional Anglo-Catholic worship service. This is a Holy place where the presence of God can be felt through the liturgy and through Holy Communion in the Mass. The service music as well as the hymns and anthems are chosen to enhance the selected readings of the day. St. Bede’s would like to welcome all who want to be a part of this very special service where you can “Be still and feel the presence of God.” Come and join our St. Bede's church family for worship every Sunday at 10:00a.m. and Thursday for our Healing Service at 10:00a.m. We are an active church with many opportunities for service as we continue to reach out in our Community, our country, and in world missions. Our programs are on-going as we aim to become more Christ like in our life’s Journey. DirectionsContact

"A defining spirit of St. Bede's is the spirit of charity, the display and sense of JOY in being together"  ~ The Rt. Rev. Dabney Smith, Bishop

Come and join us...

about saint bede's episcopal church

About St. Bede's

St. Bede’s began as a mission of St. Peter’s Cathedral to the growing northwest area of St. Petersburg. more

St. Bede's episcopal church Faith Formation

Faith Formation

Worship is the heart of our faith. Continued learning (formation) is the backbone of our faith. St. Bede’s Adult Formation. more

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Sharing Christ

We welcome you to join us... Social Hour, Bread Blessing, Church Dinners, Special Occasions. more

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Service to Others

Each year The Episcopal Church of St. Bede provides Easter baskets to the preschoolers and their families. more


Come and join our St. Bede's church family for worship every Sunday!


Healing Service

Bible Study


Bible Study


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In The News

St. Petersburg ECW Deanery Meeting at St. Augustine's Church

St. Bede's ECW Branch

Barbara Counts, ECW Co-Deanery Director, is modelling one of the cover shawls

Members of St. Bede's ECW Branch attended the Luncheon and Presentation of "The West Meets the Middle East: A Cultural Experience" by Mary Stenov on April 5, 2017. Mary Stenov and her husband. spent 25 years living in and experiencing the way of life in Saudi Arabia. She explained much about the daily way of life for both men and women, since men and women are still separated from each other most of the time. Women are not allowed to have their skin seen by strangers thus the masks and full clothing covers are still worn. Many of her personal stories were shared with us. Much memoribelia was on displayed. Their use demonstrated.

Please visit our FACEBOOK to see all the photos... Mary Stenov in daily house dress; wooden saddle for camels; Small Carpet on weave - each row tied individually; intimate dress wear decorated with coins (also used in belly dancing), and dolls on table, The dolls have no faces as the face can't be seen by strangers.

A thank you to our host church; St. Augustine's and for the wonderful presentation by Mary Stenov,. St. Bede's ECW! And thank you Linda Rothmann for the wonderful story and photos from the ECW meeting!

St. Bede's

Holy week - Easter Services

Flowers on the altar for Mother's Day were given by:

(left) Sandy Gregory, in memory and thanksgiving for the life of her mother, Barbara Age

(right) Chad Arbeen in memory and thanksgiving for the life of his mother, Joan and his father, Bernard Arbeen.

St. Bede's RAISE THE ROOF completed!

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